As the founder of a tech startup, RECORD, I recently found myself in unfamiliar territory – a legal conference. The event was the Lanier Trial Academy, a gathering of some of the most brilliant minds in the legal field. This experience was not only enlightening but also provided valuable lessons that could benefit other tech entrepreneurs preparing for their first conference. Here are some actionable insights from my journey.

Embrace the Nerves

The first day of any conference can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re stepping into a different industry. Use this fear as fuel to propel you forward. Remember, everyone is there to learn and connect, just like you.

Speak Your Customers’ Language

Understanding and speaking the language of your customers is crucial. For tech entrepreneurs at a legal conference, this means bridging the gap between tech and legal jargon. If you can do this effectively, you’ll establish credibility and foster meaningful conversations.

Stand Out with Your Booth Design

Your booth is a reflection of your brand. Make it unique and eye-catching. We chose bright colors for our booth, which stood out among the traditional, dark-colored booths. This not only attracted attention but also sparked curiosity about our product.

Master the Art of Selling

Building a product and selling it are two different skills. As a founder, you need to master both. Be prepared to articulate the value of your product to potential customers effectively.

Stay Excited for Future Opportunities

Use your first conference as a learning experience. Take note of what works and what doesn’t, and use these insights to improve your strategy for future events.

Attending the Lanier Trial Academy was a valuable experience that provided insights into the legal industry and offered a platform to showcase our innovative solution, RECORD . For tech startups preparing for their first conference, remember that it’s a learning experience. Embrace the opportunity, learn from your interactions, and most importantly, enjoy the journey.